Services - Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Commercial Heating Services

Be Cool Mechanical are Specialists in the Service, Maintenance and Installation of Commercial Heating Equipment.

We’ve spent the past many chilly winters helping local businesses and property managers with commercial heating services. We understand what a big role a properly functioning furnace can make on your day to day operations.

A day without heat in the middle of a Winter Day more than likely means a day of lost revenue.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Be Cool Mechanical has been providing superior commercial air conditioning repair service for over many years. We employ highly skilled Service Technicians and cost effective solutions to all commercial air conditioning repair problems. As a result, we have served many satisfied customers throughout Calgary, Alberta.

As part of our commercial air conditioning repair service, you will receive outstanding service from our technicians and office staff.

With a perfect understanding of how important air conditioning is to your business, we therefore respond quickly and efficiently to every request for service.

Commercial HVAC Services

As a leading HVAC, building automation service, and mechanical services company, we understand how the performance of your HVAC systems affects your business. Properly maintained systems provide lower energy bills, reduced down time, and fewer repair expenses. But the benefits only begin there.

As commercial HVAC contractors, we provide a full array of HVAC installation, maintenance, and support programs that provide peace of mind to many of Calgary’s most important facility owners. Our highly trained technicians and engineering teams are equipped with state-of-the-art, wireless, and paperless field dispatching and information technology. This allows them to provide customized solutions that optimize the effectiveness of your HVAC maintenance program and provide the fastest response available when the need arises.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

We know that most businesses of any appreciable size have refrigeration requirements far in excess of our residential customers. We also know that you can’t afford to be without your refrigeration for any amount of time. If your system breaks, your perishable inventory will start going bad, and that costs you time and money. At Be Cool Mechanical, we are all about saving you both time and money.

Our commercial refrigeration technicians are trained and skilled at servicing or installing all makes and models. Regardless of whether it’s a walk-in freezer, walk-in cooler, upright cooler, loboys, upright freezer, or even an ice machine, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Boilers & Pumps

We recommend that you have us do annual inspections of your boiler and entire heating system to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. You should not wait until the day comes that your boiler fails altogether to call an expert. Sometimes they can fail all at once, but they can operate at lower efficiency for years before this happens, and this will be costing you money.

Ideally, you should call us to inspect your boiler before the onset of cold weather. One of our technicians will do a thorough inspection and diagnose and uncover any issues it may have. At Be Cool Mechanical, we have the knowledge and experience to find and fix any issue with your boiler and heating system in general.

Commercial Control Systems

No matter where you are in the world your building requires heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) to provide a comfortable productive environment for your occupants.

However HVAC isn't cheap, it accounts for approximately half of typical buildings total energy consumption. So making sure your system is running as efficiently as possible is critical to your buildings operational costs. HVAC controls form the brain and nerves of a HVAC system, monitoring interior conditions and responding to load changes in a coordinated fashion providing comfort and energy efficiency.