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Gas Fireplaces

Napoleon Fireplaces Be Cool Mechanical is a dealer for Napoleon® Gas Fireplaces. Napoleon® gas fireplaces provide you absolute comfort and control at the touch of your fingertips. You will enjoy a lifetime of instant comfort with reliable performance year after year with your Napoleon® gas fireplace.
commercial hvac financing Choose a fireplace with the knowledge that Napoleon® gas fireplaces achieve some of the highest heater rating efficiencies on the market. Corner Fireplaces are great when renovating a room or adding on. Put your creativity to work and use one of our magnificent Napoleon® gas fireplaces.
Napoleon® fireplaces use the Direct Vent system to take all the gases from the combustion process and pull it outside. Since all exhaust gases are vented outside, it is also much healthier for the user because it assures a higher quality air.
gas fireplace installation When wood burns, it releases carbon monoxide, which is poisonous when you’re in contact with it for too long and in high concentrations.
Because Direct Vent gas fireplaces are completely sealed from the interior of the building, nothing harmful is released into the room.
Direct Vent Fireplaces don’t need additional masonry or foundation during installation.
The absence of foundation and masonry work saves you from renovating your home if you decide to get a fireplace, but proper location of venting pipes will still need to be established.
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